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At optek we fully dedicate our innovation and technical capabilities to provide you with the right analysis solution for your individual measurement needs. Our sole passion is to make sure your processes are optimized and under control, ensuring consistent product quality. optek inline sensors measure turbidity, UV-VIS-NIR absorbance, color, concentration, pH and conductivity using innovative technologies for accurate and repeatable measurement results. Our process control instruments are designed to last, even in harsh environments, a cost effective durable solution you can always rely on.

FermentationLab / Process Development

Halogen ConcentrationInline photometric process analyzers

Beer Filtration Control 11° / 90°Visual clarity for quality assurance

Blancher Make-up Water Monitoring and Control

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Color Monitoring

Turbidity of White WaterWhite Water Quality

Centrifuge ControlInlet & Outlet Control

Vegetable Oil Refining Process

Filter ControlFiltration to clarify product

Brewing Separator ControlOutlet (Centrate) Control

Color of Refined Fuels

Effluent Water MonitoringColor Removal

FiltrationFiltration Control 11°/90°

Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) Monitoring

UltrafiltrationTrace Contaminants

ChromatographyProtein purification

Raw Water QualityRaw Water Treatment

SeparationOutlet (Centrate) Control

Brewing Yeast ManagementYeast Pitching

Oil in Produced Water Produced Water

Color and ConcentrationColor Measurements

Color and ConcentrationColor Measurements

Identification (Interface Detection)

Brewhouse TurbidityWort Clarity Monitoring

White Liquor FiltrationFiltration

Condensate and Cooling Water MonitoringHeat Exchanger Leak Detection

Formulation and FillingHelp operators and quality areas

Identification: Clean-In-Place (CIP)Clean-In-Place (CIP)

ASBC / EBC Beer Color MeasurementsBeer Color is Important

Fuel Analysis: Free Water in Refined FuelsRefined Fuels Analysis

Chlorine Dioxide Vent Scrubber MonitoringClO2 Solution Strength

Bleaching and BlendingInline Control

Phase Separation of Refined Fuels

Single-Use TechnologyChromatography and Ultrafiltration Monitoring

Condensate and Cooling WaterCondensate

Leak Detection / Condensate / Carryover MonitoringLeak Detection

Aromatics Detection

Final Beer FiltrationLine and Lab: One optical design

Interface DetectionExtraction of high-cost products

Optimizing Color and Turbidity Control in Sugar Refining

Automatic Tank Dewatering System

Inline Chlorine Dioxide MonitoringInline ClO2 Monitoring