As a worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial sensor technology and sensor systems, we specialize in the field of Factory Automation with an extensive range of products that are easily adapted to specific applications. Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 ensures that our products meet the highest quality demands.


Inductive sensors are the right technical and commercial solution for the reliable, non-contact detection of metallic objects for ranges up to 100 mm.With Pepperl+Fuchs sensors you opt for quality and service! Pepperl+Fuchs has been producing inductive proximity switches for industrial applications since 1958 making us a pioneer in this field.


Processes such as detection, acquisition, positioning, classifying, counting, signaling and monitoring are nowadays predominantly carried out by non-contact photoelectric sensors. Pepperl+Fuchs offers one of the largest ranges of photoelectric sensors. We’re guaranteed to have the right sensor for your automation application.


Distance measurement devices work with laser light or powerful LED transmitters and satisfy almost all user requirements.For example, automatic storage and retrieval units and transporters can be positioned to the millimeter, precisely and accurately, even over large distances. Range measurement relative to a moving vehicle is also possible.


Rotary encoders are precise sensors for the detection of angles of rotation and derived parameters, such as speed and acceleration, as well as rotational and – indirectly – translational motion. Due to their universal application, modern rotary encoders can be found in almost all applications in automation, as well as in machinery and plant construction. Let us help you to select the rotary encoder that can fit your application demands from our own very wide range of rotary encoders.