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Gas Detection System

We supplied and commissioned many Drager Gas detection system across india successfully. We have a strong team to support our customers requirement and implement the Gas detection system accordingly.

SCADA Based Projects

We do cutom build Data Acquisition Systems, Safety & Security through SMSGSM GPRS, Communication Systems, SCADA PLC related projects consist of Developement of Graphics, Alarms History And Event Screens, Scripts, Reports, Tag Database, Dynamics & testing Communicater.

Industrial Conveyors and Systems

We offer Belt Conveyors, Stainless Steel Conveyor, Roller Conveyors and Screw Conveyors are few to name. The industrial conveyors offered by us are manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards.

Special Purpose Machines

We offer individual solutions adapted exactly to our customer needs. We are developing special solutions for preferred degree of automation according to customer specifications and we are concerned to provide the necessary verifications, e.g. CE approval of type examination.

Batching Automation

Automated Batching Systems substantially improve the efficiency of powder materials handling.Custom-engineered systems increase output and product consistency, generate production data and productivity.

Poke Yoke Systems

Poke Yoke Systems designed to ensure no errors or abnormalities in the production line. It can involve using checklists, quality checks, part or tool design, machine modification, setting tolerance limits and so forth.

Heat Treatment Automation

Heat Treatment of aluminium strip Continuous flotation furnaces. Strip processing lines incorporating a flotation-type continuous furnace system keeps the strip stable and centralized while conveying it through the furnace without mechanical contact and heating it with the process atmosphere at the same time.

Gas Sampling System

The Gas Sampling System is intended for the detection of flammable and toxic gases in various zones of the vessel, including ballast tanks, void spaces, compressor rooms, motor rooms and pump room.A high-flow diaphragm pump is used to draw samples from the dangerous areas to the analyser.Samples are taken sequentially from the single measuring point the scan system logic is managed by a PLC controller. All samples are sent to Dräger Polytron sensors for hydrocarbons and optionally for toxicity and/or oxygen measurement.System can be operated either locally or remotely by means of graphic operator terminals.

Ex e/d Junction and Terminal Boxes

Safely conduct, connect and distribute energy in hazardous areas with Our Flame proof terminal boxes. Regardless of the size and nature of project and requirement for terminal boxes, Our Flame proof terminal boxes perfect for all industries.